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Hempire – Tips To Grow Your Weed Business

Hempire is a plant growing game where you play the role of a marijuana grower to focus on your adventures. Players can make friends and enemies along the way and also grow new strains of weed. Players can also take control of the home city. According to the game, marijuana is 100% legal, but still, you have to deal with many challenges. The corrupt policeman will always keep an eye on your every action, and the businessmen will also track you.

The game also features a multiplayer mode that allows players to compete against other virtual weed growers. And their main goal is to breed the highest-quality strain. Beginners should start growing the different strains in order to earn money and reaching their ultimate goal in no time.

Pay close attention to the game

Whenever you play the game, then it becomes important to pay close attention to numerous factors. You also need to keep a constant eye on what’s going on while growing marijuana. Grow the plants, and then you need to harvest them. Every time you harvest the fully grown plants, you will be rewarded with some bonus bud. The bonus you will get depends on several factors, including the way of growing it and how you watered it. While watering the plants, you need to pay attention to the specific waiting times.

Always water the plants in the right manner to get the bonus bud. While growing plants, you need to keep the game open. Understanding these basic tips will help beginners to advance further in the game without hassles.

Complete the deals to get rewards

Plenty of deals are available in the game, which players need to complete to get nice rewards. Before going to start completing a task or deal, you need to know the rewards. Usually, completing the deals help players to get cash and XP in the form of rewards. Along with these currencies, you can also get hardware supplies by completing some deals. Try to prioritize these tasks, and it will improve your chances of getting rare items in the form of rewards.

Try to focus on the deals which offer different items in the form of rewards instead of XP and cash. If you are running out of in-game currencies, then you can also consider the option of these deals. Try to Hempire Hack on these deals and try to complete them quickly to grab better rewards.

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