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Hempire – Top 4 Hints Beginners Should Follow

Take on the challenge of growing weed and perform other activities while playing Hempire. The cops, as well as businessmen, will keep a constant eye on you while growing weed. Weed is legal, but you will face plenty of issues for attaining your main goal. In order to be on the top of hempire, you need to focus on the Hempire Hack, tips and tricks which you can read in the below post.

  1. Make use of weed on wheels

After making progress, you are able to unlock Wanda’s deals. Try to get advantages of these deals in order to get diamonds in the form of rewards. Along with diamonds, you can get cash, epic buds, oil, sprays as well as keys. All these items play a significant role in the game, and you can’t obtain them with ease. To collect all these resources quickly, you should consider the option of weed on wheels. When you unlock the delivery slots in weed on wheels, then you will have to spend diamonds.

  1. Make the right upgrades

Many buildings are available in the game, which players should upgrade as soon as possible. You should prioritize some buildings for upgrading them. For making upgrades to these buildings, you need to spend some specific items that you can’t find with ease. You should try to determine where you can find the items for upgrading the buildings. Some items are really difficult to find, and that’s why you need to pay proper attention for finding them.

  1. Grow your plants smartly

After completing the tutorial, there are many buildings that you can unlock, but you should opt for Handy Mandy’s shop. After visiting this shop, Mandy will upgrade your shed and grow the features of the house. You will also get the ability to unlock many new features, including the temperature unit. It will be available only after installing the lights. It will provide passive bonuses to your plants. With the help of the temperature unit, you can change the indoor temperature.

  1. Make use of quick select

With the use of a quick-select option, you can simplify your life in hempire. When you play the game, then you will see the four buttons at the bottom right of the display. These buttons work as a shortcut for your facilities. With the help of thee quick select, you can easily water your plants, and it will help to obtain perfect harvests.

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