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How To Be A Better Hempire Player? Learn The Basics

Hempire is not only about growing cannabis but also include the city-building elements. While growing weed, you need to deal with several difficulties. You may face troubles while facing the corrupt cops and businessmen. Make use of the quick select in order to watering the plants perfectly. With the help of this, you can harvest the plants, and then you will earn bonus buds. Try to know about the concept of the game before going to get started. Know how to grow crops and claim bonuses to advance further.

Players should always leave the game open while growing weed. Watering the plants is really important, and it depends on the amount of bonus buds you are earning. Try to keep the game open, and then it will never make you miss the watering opportunities.

Enhance farm production

Players need to focus on their main tasks, which are all about working as a gardener and controlling the weed farms. To grow weed, you need to pay extra attention, and it is also important to buy essential equipment. With the help of Hempire Mod Apk, you are able to make a better farm. Well, it is also the thing which matters the most. Well, the entire gameplay revolves around farming and trading resources. If you are new to this game, then you should complete the tutorial, and then you are able to perform better during the real challenges.

Unlock the mandy’s shop and then purchase seeds and many other things for making your farm better. Try to level up, and then it will help you to get the best results from the weed production. Also, try to implement the right tricks for enhancing farm production.

Improve your mastery

You shouldn’t forget to remember the right watering times in order to hit them. With the help of hitting the watering times and growing the plants perfectly, you can easily enhance your mastery of that plant. Increasing your mastery will also result in the increasing number of buds you get in the form of bonuses or rewards. In this way, you can improve the chances of acquiring the epic buds.

Hope, all these details will help you to understand all about the gameplay. Many deals and offers are available which players need to complete quickly to claim rewards in the form of cash, XP as well as rarer items.

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